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I'm trying to find a collaborator to help with my sci-fi story.  I keep getting  people who have no idea how stories work.

First guy (not a collaborator) had no idea how motivation worked and wanted to write a story that was more christian word salad than Neon Genesis Evangelion had had less to do with Christianity.

Second, who for some reason had no idea why a species that reproduced through spores would make other people irritated that they used their body without consent to reproduce.  Then he asked me how much I wanted to take a stance against rape philosophically in my story.

Third guy is baffled by how a repressive government would repress anything (yes, really).  I think I broke him when I brought up the idea of character growth.

Well, fuck

Alex and I are in the process of decluttering out room.  It's taken almost a year and our room still isn't presentable.

What's worse is that everyone else is a borderline hoarder, so someone's paper cutter fell straight down on my foot.  My mom couldn't hear me screaming in pain from the next room.

Alex also hasn't done anything to remove the large dresser in the middle of our room yet.



Fucking Ow.

I hate my migraines.  The best any doctor can do is bill me for a prescription my health insurance won't cover the cost of (so I can't actually get my new pills).  It's like being mugged by a guy with a nail gun and having to recover from it too.

These migraines are too unpredictable to get much done outside of the house.  I can't even go to work, which I wanted to today.


Crapgiving plans?

I know it's early, but I'm hoping someone has Thanksgiving plans for me.  Alex might not get the day off from work, as he works at the airport.

I really don't want to be at my own house that day and have to eat gluten-free, unflavored food.

I was hoping to have a crawfish boil that day.

Well screw you too!

Had to quit a temp job Thursday because the company said 'It's your stuff or your job'.  They did everything they could think of to retaliate against being told not letting people steal from their employees was a STANDARD.

How did these asshats keep a company so long when they think schoolyard bullying and church-like shaming people for their own bad attitude, laziness, and shit-for brains is the right way to go?

So much busy

I'm so busy all the time what with Alex working.  I've always got something to do at home and half the time I'm spending Alex's only free days with him.  I'm desperately trying to free up space in the room and Alex doesn't want to help and just leaves stuff all over his side of the room.

I have laundry I do the hardest part of, I have driving lessons, I have work, I have doctors appointments.

So much is piling up and my creative stuff keeps lipping away.


Ugh, the last two months I've been a mess.  Internet stalkers, outlet fires, stolen bike, husband losing my good self-defense gear and not seeming to care, weird work schedules, Father's day, a birthday, new neice, migraines, no idea how to get images from my phone to my computer for an exam...

Ugh.  I just want to get back to studying, find a local place that teaches driving to adults that isn't full of asshole teachers, and to clean up my room.


My outlet caught fire.  I'm not exaggerating.  It caught fire and I couldn't use my desktop, charge any electronics (including hearing aids) for days.  Thank go I finally got it back.  Now all I need is a phone that isn't a fire hazard.

Oh, and that group has decided stalking, lying, harassment, and threats are perfectly decent, but warning people when someone is mean or doesn't understand the term 'collaborative' or 'moderator' and are mildly jerks, 'isn't what adults do' according to those guys.  What the hell?


Blatant pandering

My Spider-Man blog.  Eventually to be aptly named Spider-Douchery


I've been writing a fanfiction of my favorite character, Michael Morbius.  Don't be surprised if you have no clue who that is.

He hasn't been written since 2013 in Spider-Man comics and hasn't been a predominant character in Marvel comics since the early 90's. He hasn't even been written correctly since halfway through his 90's solo.

I like him, though.

Enough that I was an idiot enough to help start a Marvel collaboration project (twice), edit for other fans, help brainstorm, and dedicate a good chunk of time to other people and keeping the whole thing going.

Then one person treated me liked a friend, asked to moderate as well because he helped, and then decided 'Hey you know what would make this better? Making this into a popularity contest and letting other people tell one of the hardest working people to fuck off and to hell with all their help.'

And so he did.  My story was taken away because he was a Spider-Man fan and the Spider-Man author didn't believe in collaborating on a collaboration group.  I was told to go eat a bag of dicks and that no one, NO ONE wold notice or care if my character was written completely differently than what or who he was in the comics.

He went on to bad mouth me as unappreciative and everyone who had their story edited by me believed him and still do.

If anyone knows any fans who want to read my Michael Morbius works or any REAL collaborative group, I'd be very interested and even up for some (slow) editing).  But right now, I can't help but feel kinda bad that a dozen people believe I'm a total shithead for expecting at least a small amount of decency.